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2 min readNov 28, 2022


Over the past few weeks we have been meeting internally to define our strategy and goals in the runup to the new year. To this end we published the outline of our 2023 updated roadmap on the ClinTex homepage.

Allow us a moment to briefly dive a little deeper into the next stages of the ClinTex plan.

In 2023 ClinTex will focus on the development of indication-specific visuals and analytics to support clinical trials in the treatment of chronic pain.

Q1 — Establish Core Packages to standardise and streamline analytics development using Optex technology.

CTi to launch CTi Core Visualisations into Market. Via Optex, the CTi Visualisation Core will run completely decentralised, on-chain on top of the Internet Computer (ICP).

Q2 — Development of visuals and analytics to directly support oversight of primary and secondary endpoints for a Phase III clinical trial for treatment of Chronic Pain.

This is the final development sprint in preparation for go-to-market full live launch.

Q3 — CTi Development Testing in a live trial environment.

CTi Mainnet Quality Assurance Testing & User Acceptance Testing

Q4 — Clintex CTi deployment in a live chronic pain clinical trials, including Clintex Data Management Consultancy Services (*).

CTi Live Deployment including licencing mechanism — token CTi token utility goes live on client trial services, including token burn mechanism on licence expiry.

*Consultancy on the data management strategy relating to clinical trial, including liaising with CROs and other vendors to optimise approaches in data acquisition and improving data quality.

We look forward to providing regular updates to the community as we progress into the new year and begin to shape the development and real world usage of the ClinTex and OpTex toolset.
As always stay tuned to our social media accounts on Twitter, Telegram and right here on Medium to keep up to date.

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