ClinTex Development Update — November 2021

Optex on the ICP, by ClinTex

October was a busy month in ClinTex HQ, which saw us being awarded a development grant from the DFINITY foundation towards our work on a decentralised data visualisation platform which we are building on the Internet Computer. We found that the legacy, closed source tools that are considered ‘industry standard’ in the clinical trials world, were not exactly fit for our purpose in 2021 and didn’t fit well with the blockchain ethos that we believe, so we decided to branch out and build our own.

Early Optex alpha backend
Early Optex alpha backend

Working with our developers we researched which technology would suit our particular needs best, we decided on ICP as its scalability and functionality appears to be ideal for the specifications of how Optex will need to work.

All source code for Optex will be released for free via our Github and it will be free for any project to implement — our way of giving back to the open source and blockchain communities and also enabling ClinTex to receive input throughout development from other Motoko and ICP programmers. Our plan is to have an MVP (minimum viable product) for Optex ready before the end of Q2 2022, which we will present to the DFINITY foundation.

All code developments are already being uploaded and can be followed on our Github.

CTi-OEM on Optex

We have begun the process of re-engineering CTi-OEM to work within Optex. As we are building Optex from the ground up with tools like OEM in mind, we have the advantage of being able to work directly with the developers to shape the process to meet our needs primarily and we envisage that the transition should not detract too much from our original timeline. OEM stress testing has been a success and yielded us important data and insights into where we can refine and make further improvements, many of which will be used to shape how Optex uses and processes large datasets.


Work is also continuing for the next app in the ClinTex platform, Predictive Analytics (CTi-PDA). We are working on the PDA data layer to build, test and refine algorithms to support prediction of key clinical trial events in PDA covering the following;

  1. Using historical data to train the CTi-PDA model.
  2. Cleansing and preparation of clinical trial data, removing duplicate records and data outlier
  3. Data Transformation to address any missing values and generating derived attributes that have more power for prediction of key clinical trial metrics developed in CTi-OEM
  4. Establishing training and test datasets and building the CTi-PDA model using the training dataset.
  5. Verifying the accuracy of the model’s output
  6. Develop visualisations to deploy the model

Further updates on CTi-PDA to follow next month…

About ClinTex

ClinTex are a solution provider to the pharmaceutical industry, and the team behind CTi — Clinical Trials Intelligence: a new type of software platform aimed at transforming the medicine development industry through the application of predictive analytics, machine learning, and the novel use of blockchain technology and smart contracts in clinical trials.

Our mission is to bring down the cost of medicine and improve the speed to market of new medicines for the people who need them, through vastly reducing development costs for the global pharmaceutical industry.

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