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2 min readSep 7, 2022


We are extremely excited to announce that ClinTex are currently in active discussions with two ground breaking companies, to support clinical trials in the application of medicinal cannabis to manage chronic pain.

Celadon Pharmaceuticals recently released a substantial business update since announcing to become the first British cannabis company since GW Pharmaceuticals to list on the Alternative Investments Market (AIM) in March of this year.

Celadon became one of the first companies in the UK to receive a Home Office license to grow high-THC cannabis and as of May the company says it has now produced six batches at its 100,000 sq. ft facility in the Midlands. For more information on Celadon, see

LVL Health is a leading medical cannabis clinic for chronic pain, providing a rapid access route to the highest quality treatment. Their clinicians prescribe medical cannabis as part of a patient’s pain management care after clinical assessments of safety and efficacy.

Both companies have come together to initiate the CANPAIN clinical trial. This trial has been devised to evaluate the efficacy and safety of a defined cannabis-based medicinal product (CBMP) delivered by inhalation to patients with non-cancer chronic pain attending a private clinic.

ClinTex have been working with both companies to evaluate the use of CTi to support this ground-breaking clinical trial and a number of areas of potential partnership and synergy have been identified, including

  • Creation and Maintenance of Data Visuals to support oversight and instream insights into CANPAIN main trial assessing CBMP for the treatment of non-cancer chronic pain
  • Consultancy on the data management strategy relating to the CANPAIN trial, including liaising with CROs and other vendors to optimize approaches in data acquisition and improve data quality
  • Other consultancy/advice relating to the CANPAIN trial such as protocol review, data standards and structures, data flow etc, if required

We will keep our community updated as these discussions progress.

To potentially be considered as a participant in LVL’s Chronic Pain clinical trial, you can register your interest here :

More information on the CANPAIN clinical trial is available here

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