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2 min readOct 31, 2022

Clintex are excited to announce the signing of an agreement with LVL Health ( to support their CANPAIN clinical trial ( evaluating Cannabis Based Medicinal Products (CBMPs) in the treatment of Chronic Pain.

This clinical trial is particularly high profile as it is being conducted to provide key data to NICE (National Institute for Care & Excellence) to prove the benefits of medical cannabis and enable prescription of CBMPs for chronic pain patients on the NHS. This therefore represents a major opportunity to showcase ClinTex CTi technology and demonstrate how it can help support accelerated patient access to much needed treatments.

Previously Clintex, LVL Health and Celadon Pharmaceuticals have held a number of exploratory discussions and have arrived at a clear consensus on how the CTi platform and the clinical trial expertise at Clintex can support this high profile CANPAIN clinical trial. As a result, Clintex intend to provide certain services to LVL Health and the CANPAIN clinical trial including, but not limited to:

  • Deployment of CTi through the creation and maintenance of CANPAIN specific data visuals to support oversight and instream insights into the main trial assessing CBMP for the treatment of non-cancer chronic pain
  • Consultancy on the data management strategy relating to the CANPAIN trial including liaising with Contract Research Organisations (CROs) and other vendors to optimise approaches in data acquisition and improving data quality
  • Further consultancy and advice relating to the CANPAIN trial such as protocol review, data standards and structures, data flow etc, if required

Currently the CANPAIN “Feasibility” study is ongoing, to be followed by the main study in 2023. Therefore ClinTex will be focused on building out the trial specific visualisations & analytics needed to support this main study and an updated roadmap for 2023 will be made available shortly which will be adapted to ensure delivery on this exciting partnership.

We also appreciate the time and the energy everyone has provided to reaching this important stage in the use of CTi to support real world clinical trials.

We look forward to exciting times ahead.

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