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3 min readJan 19, 2024

The scientific landscape is on the cusp of a paradigm shift. Enter Decentralised Science (DeSci), a revolutionary approach that leverages blockchain technology and Web3 tools to reshape research from its roots. While traditional science has served us well, DeSci offers a cocktail of benefits that can make knowledge generation faster, fairer, and more accessible than ever before.

The team at Clintex are extremely hopeful that both DeSci and CTI can specifically change the landscape of clinical trials. In this article we will delve into some of the key benefits and relate this to CTI.

Democratised Funding

In DeSci, funding isn’t limited to a select few with grants. DAOs (decentralised autonomous organizations) empower the community to collectively fund research they believe in, opening doors for diverse perspectives and ground-breaking ideas that might languish in the traditional system. In clinical trials this benefit can give more opportunities to novel studies to progress — These are the types of studies we hope to initially deploy CTI e.g. the CANPAIN trial.

Open Data for Open Minds

Data hoarding hinders progress. DeSci platforms store data securely on transparent, immutable blockchains, fostering collaboration and accelerating discovery. No more hidden datasets — just a free flow of information for all.

Collaboration Without Borders

Geography no longer dictates who gets to contribute. DeSci communities transcend physical boundaries, uniting researchers from across the globe to tackle complex challenges in collaborative harmony. In clinical trials we understand that large pharmaceutical companies will never share raw data, however, data insights and key metrics can be shared. CTI hopes to create this collaborative environment in pharma to increase efficiency and lower cost of clinical trials.

Fairer Recognition

Peer review can be opaque and slow. DeSci introduces transparent, community-driven review processes, giving credit where it’s due. It’s time to move beyond the publish-or-perish mentality and truly value every step in the scientific journey.

Incentivising Reproducibility

Replicating research is crucial, but often neglected. DeSci incentivises it by rewarding researchers who reproduce and validate findings, building a foundation of trust and eliminating bad science from the equation. In clinical trials, replication of mistakes is a major cause of delays. Pharma companies researching the same area of disease or specific type of drug inevitably come across

Empowering Citizen Scientists and Contributors

Traditional science can feel closed off to the public. DeSci welcomes citizen scientists with open arms, allowing anyone to contribute data, ideas, and even participate in research projects. This collective intelligence can unlock solutions that elude professional researchers alone. The CTI community is a perfect example of this key benefit. Even though our community has no input into the development and functionality of the CTI application, we sincerely appreciate all input and support our communities directs towards our project.

This is just a glimpse into the transformative potential of DeSci. As the technology evolves and the community grows, we can expect even more exciting innovations to reshape the scientific landscape. The future of science may be decentralised, but it’s certainly brighter than ever before.

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