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2 min readSep 28, 2023


We have been working tirelessly over the previous months on the development of our groundbreaking Clintex CTAi application.

For those who do not know, Clintex CTAi is a natural language processing (NLP) app that helps the user seamlessly interact with their data to produce valuable insights and visualisations. It is part of the Clinical Trials Intelligence (CTi) platform.

CTAi is designed to be used with no prior experience in data science or programming. Users can simply ask questions in plain English and CTAi will return the answer in the form of data and visuals. This makes it easy for users to gain the insights they need in order to make better decisions pertaining to a particular clinical trial they are working on.

The Innovative CTAi application is nearing its beta release in the next few weeks. This release will include all the minimum viable product (MVP) features, allowing clinicians and non-programmers to interact with and explore clinical data using a pre-defined library of visuals. It’s natural language processing engine seamlessly converts clinical questions into scripts that query the data and produce intuitive charts and tables to enable decision-making throughout the life of a clinical trial.

Any question that a clinical trial professional may have about the trial can be asked instantly, without the need for complex programming. This truly represents a paradigm shift in the oversight of clinical trials and a major evolution of the CTi Platform.
Those who are interested can explore the application and visualise clinical data using natural language prompts in the CTAi Beta Test Playground which will be released to the public in the following weeks.

CTAi: The future of clinical trial oversight

Watch this space…

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