CTi Development Update 21st September 2021

Summary: CTi-OEM has been fully developed and tested. The development focus has now turned to the creation of our Predictive Analytics modelling, using the 40+ metrics and insights generated with CTi-OEM.


1) CTi-PDA: Design of CTi-PDA data model.

2) CTi_OEM : Development of writeback functionality in order to take automated multi-snapshots of CTi-OEM metrics to drive predictive analytics engines.

3) CTi-PDA: Data Exploration to identify information gain from single and multiple variables.

4) CTi-PDA: Validation of R code and recode to address bugs for first 4 CTi-OEM metrics.

Next Sprint #8

The next sprint will continue to build on predictive algorithms based on first 4 CTi-OEM metrics. We plan to introduce another 10 variables (out of 42 that is generated from CTi_OEM) into the model and continue to refine after each introduction.

About ClinTex

ClinTex are a solution provider to the pharmaceutical industry, and the team behind CTi — Clinical Trials Intelligence: a new type of software platform aimed at transforming the medicine development industry through the application of predictive analytics, machine learning, and the novel use of blockchain technology and smart contracts in clinical trials.

Our mission is to bring down the cost of medicine and improve the speed to market of new medicines for the people who need them, through vastly reducing development costs for the global pharmaceutical industry.

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Clintex CTi

Clintex CTi

Clinical Trials Intelligence is a data management software solution for the clinical trials industry that leverages distributed ledger technology