CTI July 2021 Development Update

Development Sprint Period #7 from 15th June to 10th July


In addition to the usual flurry of development activity preparing CTi-OEM for deployment, this sprint saw much tangential activity completed. As such, we are going to deviate from our past updates and include some exciting news not directly pertaining to CTi-OEM development, but that we are certain you’d like to know.

First, with CTi-OEM scheduled to reach MVP stage later this month, we are releasing a series of 10 demonstration videos of the product. This heralds a transition many projects often never achieve: moving from being a concept to a real world product. The demonstration videos serve two purposes. First, the demonstration videos allow CTi token holders and the public at large to get a feel for what CTi-OEM is, and what it can do. Second, CTi-OEM will be available for industry professionals to start utilising and trialing. The demonstration videos serve as an advertisement and overview of CTi-OEM.

Next, a reminder: CTi staking is currently live on KuCoin with a 90% APR. Time is limited to take advantage, there is only 1 month remaining and the pool is already half filled to cap.

In celebration and anticipation of CTi-OEM’s launch, we have also redesigned and revamped the clintex.io website.

Finally, we on-boarded a new member to the Clintex team. Please give a warm welcome to our newest member, Chief Marketing Officer, Andre Byrne. We have been working with Andre for some time and decided to make his inclusion in the team official.

You can check out his LinkedIn profile here : https://www.linkedin.com/in/andre-byrne-b85780179/


2. Fixed identified bugs and deployed final round of testing

In Sprint #7, there have been a further 7 versions of CTi_OEM developed & tested (versions 28,29,30,31,32,33,34).

Next Sprint #8

About ClinTex

ClinTex are a solution provider to the pharmaceutical industry, and the team behind CTi — Clinical Trials Intelligence: a new type of software platform aimed at transforming the medicine development industry through the application of predictive analytics, machine learning, and the novel use of blockchain technology and smart contracts in clinical trials.

Our mission is to bring down the cost of medicine and improve the speed to market of new medicines for the people who need them, through vastly reducing development costs for the global pharmaceutical industry.

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Clinical Trials Intelligence is a data management software solution for the clinical trials industry that leverages distributed ledger technology