CTI May 2021 Development Update

Development Sprint Period #5 from 3rd May to 17th May


This sprint successfully iterated through 5 versions of CTi_OEM. Version 20 to 25 were developed and tested during Sprint #5.


  1. Deployed CTi_OEM Visuals: Specifications for visualisations have been developed, and visualisations have progressed for onboarded clinical trial data, including:
  • Adverse Event Data and Clinical Trial Safety Profiles
  • Protocol Compliance and Deviation detection

3. Deployed first alpha CTi-OEM oversight dashboard:

Next Sprint #6

  1. CTi_OEM Visuals in Development: Development continues and is on track with the development roadmap for onboarding data sources and visualisation progress for the following key analyses
  • Baseline Failures
  • Site Monitoring
  • Patient Completers

2. CTi_OEM Dashboards in Development: Development is ongoing for the final two CTi_OEM dashboards and is on track for deployment of the all CTi_OEM dashboards by the 1st week in July 2021. The dashboards are:

  • Clinical Data Management Dashboard
  • Site Monitoring Dashboard

We are pleased to be on pace for launch by, at the latest, the first week of July. Look here for more updates on upcoming Sprints as we near the finish line of CTI_OEM deployment!

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