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4 min readJun 27, 2022

A big hello to one and all out there in blockchain land, from ClinTex HQ!

It’s been a busy year so far, as we approach the halfway point in 2022 already. Although it’s fair to say that this could possibly be referred in many ways to an annus horribilis for the crypto space, with the disastrous collapse of UST and Luna and the contagion of the wider macro economic outlook breathing heavily down the neck of all things blockchain related.

In times like this we wish to remind our community and all those who are more than just casual observers in the world of crypto, to try not to focus on crashing valuations or prices, difficult as this may sound. Very little has changed from a fundamental point of view, over the last 6–12 months, when it comes to the longer term view of projects like ClinTex. As we have all come to learn in the blockchain arena, wild price fluctuations are par for the course, both to the upside and unfortunately in times like these, to the downside too. What might bring solace however is trying to remember why you found a particular project appealing in the first place, focusing on the goals that a project is trying to achieve or overcome. Little if anything has changed in this regard and work towards these goals continues, even as prices plummet, we continue to strive towards our stated objectives. We are very proud to announce that we have been making serious headway in bringing the ClinTex CTi toolset one step closer to being deployed for live utilization in real world Clinical Trials. This is something we have been working extremely hard to bring to fruition.

After the successful development of CTi-OEM and CTi-PDA, the team recognised that we had arrived at a very strong position to showcase our technology and to validate and benchmark our assumptions on the benefits and utility of CTi with clinical researchers that are working on active trials.

We have had an amazing 2 months of meetings with a number of pharma companies and academic research institutions (more details below), discussing their requirements and how CTi can support the efficient running of their trials and to help ensure data quality and safety oversight meets and exceeds strict regulatory requirements.

We have met with a number of prominent players in the clinical trials space that are engaged in upcoming trials in which CTi can be deployed. Firstly, we spoke to a leading pharmaceutical company about a clinical trial they are designing to evaluate the use of psychedelics (extracts from psilocybin-containing mushrooms) for treatment-resistant depression.

Neill Barron, our Director of Clinical Data Analytics presented visualisations from CTi-OEM and CTi-PDA. The feedback was extremely positive with a clear interest expressed to utilize the CTi toolset. A number of suggestions for refinements and specific visuals to add to CTi were also provided. ClinTex have committed to implementing these refinements over the coming months and to meet again with the team to agree next steps.

Furthermore we have spoken to 2 other pharma companies regarding their high profile clinical trial partnership on the use of Cannabis as a medicinal product (CBMP) to treat chronic pain. This is a ground-breaking trial because it is the first of its kind, designed to gain formal regulatory approval for this treatment. Many areas where CTi can support this trial were outlined and there was strong agreement on the value proposition of CTi to deliver efficiency and data insights. At the moment, the trial design is being refined and during this time, ClinTex are proposing some CBMP specific visualisation plug-ins to accompany our standard CTI-OEM and CTi-PDA suite of tools.

We have also spoken to a number of major academic institutions who are conducting their own clinical trials, regarding clinical indications such as heart failure. While these have been useful conversations and has also given us some extra ideas on how to improve our tool, we felt that the volume of data collected in these trials was small and therefore a data analytics approach was probably not the most efficient use of CTi at this stage.

To summarize, we are now actively working with pharma companies in the testing and rollout of the CTi toolset. At this point in time, we cannot provide more detail, until the correct legal and commercial agreements are in place however, expect to have more formal news in this regard when these have been finalized. In the meantime, we are continuing to refine CTi-OEM and CTi-PDA based on the valuable feedback we are receiving from these companies.

We look forward to keeping you updated on our progress, watch this space for more updates as they happen…

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