CTi Single Asset Staking now available on Binance Smart Chain

Clintex CTi
2 min readApr 12, 2021


Due to popular demand from our community, ClinTex have made our high yield CTi staking available on Binance Smart Chain.

This will allow token holders to stake CTi and earn up to 40% interest while taking advantage of the lower transaction (gas) fees on Binance Smart Chain while the Ethereum network is congested.

All the staking terms remain the same with all users able to earn a whopping 40% reward on their stake CTi in just 5 months! Full details can be reviewed in our initial staking announcement here.

If you wish to purchase CTi with Ethereum, USDT or BNB, we recommend using KuCoin (ERC20), Uniswap (ERC20) or Pancake Swap here(BEP20).

CTi holders can also switch their CTi between Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain blockchains on the ClinTex Bridge here.

A big thank you to all our followers and your continued support of the ClinTex mission to use blockchain-powered analytics to speed up medicines delivery to patients with unmet medical need, at a cheaper cost to society.

About ClinTex

ClinTex are a solution provider to the pharmaceutical industry, and the team behind CTi — Clinical Trials Intelligence: a new type of software platform aimed at transforming the medicine development industry through the application of predictive analytics, machine learning, and the novel use of blockchain technology and smart contracts in clinical trials.

Our mission is to bring down the cost of medicine and improve the speed to market of new medicines for the people who need them, through vastly reducing development costs for the global pharmaceutical industry.

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Clintex CTi

Clinical Trials Intelligence is a data management software solution for the clinical trials industry that leverages distributed ledger technology