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The following is a complete guide for new users who wish to purchase CTi and stake on the ClinTex Staking App to earn up to 40% Interest over just 5 months.

In this guide we assume that the reader has no CTi and is not already a Metamask user.

Let’s start from the beginning..

Purchasing on Kucoin

One of the best places to get CTI is through the centralised exchange, Kucoin. A majority of CTI volume is traded on Kucoin, which means usually the best prices are to be found there.

  1. If you don’t have a Kucoin account, sign up here. Otherwise login to your account.
  2. In order to purchase CTI, you will need Tether (USDT) or Ethereum (ETH). Those are the only two currencies you can directly purchase CTI with. If you are unfamiliar with how to acquire USDT or ETH, this guide can help.
  3. In the top left corner of the page, click on Assets.

4. In order to purchase CTI, you will need to move USDT or ETH from your Main Account to your Trading Account. Click on Transfer in the Trading Account subwindow.

5. Make sure the Direction is from the Main Account to the Trading Account (Main Account on the left, Trading Account on the right). Select or type ‘ETH’ or ‘USDT’ in the Coin menu.

6. Finally, select the amount you wish to transfer and press the green Confirm button. You can click on the green number (2.40627569 in the picture below) to automatically put in the maximum available in the Amount field.

7. Hover your cursor over the Trade menu at the top left of the screen and click on Spot Trading.

8. Near the top left is the current trading pair. In this case it is BTC/USDT.

9. Click on the current trading pair to search for other tokens. In the search bar type CTI.

10. If you want to purchase CTI with USDT, click on the CTI/USDT trading pair. Otherwise click on the CTI/ETH trading pair.

11. If you are unfamiliar with using Kucoin’s Spot Trading interface, I suggest watching this video. You must input your Trading Password before you can buy or sell.

12. In this window, you can buy and sell CTI. The left side is for buying.

13. Limit or Market buy CTI.

Installing MetaMask

Metamask supports Chrome, FireFox, Brave, and Edge browsers.

  1. Go to the MetaMask website.
  2. Click on the blue Download button.
  3. Click on the blue button that says, Install MetaMask for Chrome.

The button’s text will change depending on your browser. For example, Install MetaMask for Firefox.

4. It will take you to another page. Click on the button that says, Add to Chrome. (Or Add to Firefox, etc…)

5. There will be a popup, click Add extension.

6. A new page will load with a fox head that follows your cursor. Press the Get Started button.

7. We are new to MetaMask, so choose the right side box and click, Create a Wallet

8. Decide if you want to allow MetaMask to collect usage data.

9. Create a suitably strong password, agree to the terms of service and click, Create.

10. The Secret Backup Phrase is very important. With this 12 word phrase, you can recover your MetaMask account, and hence your funds, even if your computer suddenly breaks down. It is highly encouraged to not store the phrase digitally on your computer. Carefully write it down and store it in a secure location. After you have written it down, click Next.

11. Select the words that comprise your secret phrase in the correct order. If you make a mistake, you can click on a word again and it will be removed from the list.

Congratulations, you are finished! Click All Done.

Transferring CTI to MetaMask

  1. To withdraw funds from Kucoin, it first must be in your Main Account. If your CTI is in your Trading Account, you must transfer it to your Main Account.
  2. In the top right click on Assets.
  3. Click on Transfer in the Main Account subwindow.

4. Make sure the Direction is from the Trading Account to the Main Account (Trade Account on the left, Main Account on the right). Select or type CTI in the Coin menu.

5. Finally, select the amount you wish to transfer and press the green Confirm button. You can click on the green number 19.71817814 in the picture below) to automatically put in the maximum available in the Amount field.

6. Click on Main Account. On the next page find CTI.

7. Click on Withdraw in the CTI row.

8. You should see this:

9. The Wallet Address is the address from your MetaMask. MetaMask will be to the right of the browser address bar. If you cannot see a fox icon, it will be in the extension icon shown here:

10. Click on the extension icon, then click on the Fox icon.

11. You may have to input your password. After that you should see the main MetaMask window:

12. Under Account 1 is your MetaMask Wallet Address. If you hover on Account 1 or the number below, a message will say “Copy to clipboard.” If you click, you will copy the wallet address to the clipboard and the message will say, “Copied!”

13. Paste the copied number into the Wallet Address field on the Withdraw page.

14. Select the amount you wish to send. It’s important to note that Kucoin charges a 100 CTI fee for withdrawals, effectively making the minimum withdrawal 101 CTI. Click the Confirm button when you are ready.

15. Enter your Trading Password, Email Verification Code, and Google Verification Code (2FA). Click Submit.

16. After submitting the withdrawal, it will take a little time for the CTI to transfer to your MetaMask wallet. You can check the status in the Withdrawal history below the Withdraw area.

ETH for gas

To do any actions on the Ethereum network requires gas. Gas is a fee paid to a computer in exchange for completing work. Simple work, like sending coins to someone, doesn’t take much gas. Work that is more complicated, like swapping tokens on a Decentralised Exchange (DEX) such as Uniswap, will require more gas.

Gas is priced in ETH. This means, in order to do any action on the Ethereum network requires some amount of ETH to pay for the gas.

If your MetaMask wallet does not have any ETH, you will not be able to send your CTI coins anywhere. Nor will you be able to participate in the CTI staking reward event. You can use the above instructions, “Sending CTI to MetaMask” to send ETH to your MetaMask. Recently, gas fees are quite high. Just to be safe, it is recommended to send at least

Connecting to the staking App

  1. Make sure you have CTI in your MetaMask. Make sure you have sufficient ETH to pay for gas fees to Stake your CTI. If you don’t, see the above instructions.
  2. Go to the Stake page on the ClinTex website here.
  3. Scroll down the page to here:

5. Click on the Stake on Ethereum button.

6. On the next page, click the Connect button in the top right corner.

7. Click on the Metamask button

8. You will see a MetaMask notification asking to “Connect With MetaMask.” Click the Next button.

9. The notification will change to, “Connect to Account 1.” Click the Connect button.

10. If your MetaMask is connected to the ClinTex Staking App, you should see a checkmark next to your wallet address in the top right corner.

11. You should also see your CTI balance shows the amount of CTI in your MetaMask wallet.

12. Click the APPROVE button. A MetaMask notification will popup asking, “Allow Https://stake.clintex.io to spend your CTI?” This will cost some amount of gas to process. Click Confirm.

13. It will take some time for the transaction to process on the Ethereum network. When it does you will receive a MetMask notification*:

And the box on the ClinTex Staking App page will look like this:

14. Enter the amount of CTI you wish to stake in the Amount field. Select the Staking Rewards and Staking time: 6% — 30 DAYS, 21% — 90 DAYS, 40% — 150 DAYS. Then click STAKE.

15. There will be a MetaMask notification for a “CONTRACT INTERACTION.” This will cost more gas than the previous one. Click Confirm.

16.Once again, this will take a little time. Again you will receive a MetaMask notification of the success*. The box on the CTI Staking App page will look like this:

Congratulations! You have staked your CTI and your reward will be paid out at the end of your selected staking term!

*Sometimes transactions can fail. MetaMask will notify you if a transaction did not succeed. If the transaction failed, you can try again.

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