CTi Staking has Concluded

We would like to thank everyone that took part in the massively successful ClinTex CTi staking program. Our dual objective was to thank loyal CTI token holders with a generous reward mechanism while also providing a fair distribution method to disperse and decentralize the CTi token amongst the crypto community.

The staking program took place over 6 months, from the 1st April through 30th September, with staking initially deployed via the Ethereum network via our staking platform on https://clintex.io.

Later we further expanded the program onto the Binance Smart Chain and eventually also onto KuCoin, through a partnership with the Pool-X program. All 3 of the staking platforms were widely utilized by participants by their own preference.

Timeline-wise, the most popular month was at launch — with 44.8% of the staking participants coming on board in April 2020, giving those early adopters a chance to receive rewards of up to 40%.

Following this we continued to observe a high level of up-take, with users having the option to stake for 21% or 6% with an continuing option to compound their gains, further increasing their portion of the reward bonus.

We announced in June that we would be enabling staking via the Pool-X / Ku-Coin platform, which resulted in 2nd flurry of staking activity in July once it went live.

At the conclusion of the program, 7,911,970.65 CTi have been distributed in rewards to participants.

There are also a number of CTi rewards to be distributed to those holding vested tokens from the CTi Pre-Sale. ClinTex are currently working on a gas-efficient solution for those users to claim their rewards (most likely on a layer 2 protocol) and will provide an update shortly. If you are holding vested pre-sale tokens, please keep an eye on ClinTex CTi social media or check in on our Telegram channel for updates.

We would like to thank each and every one of you for helping to further decentralize our token in preparation for moving the CTi platform into real world clinical trials, as ClinTex continue development of our suite of Clinical Trial Intelligence Applications. The road towards developing real world blockchain enabled applications to improve the way the Clinical Trials Industry delivers new and innovative medicines to market, is now well underway.

Finally, as most readers are probably aware, the conclusion of the staking program also marks the end of any distribution or minting of CTi tokens, and from this point forward the CTi token supply will officially become deflationary.

The CTi deflation will officially begin this Friday, when ClinTex will publicly execute a token burn of 5,000,000 CTi — more details on the regular token burns and reducing supply model to follow in a dedicated post…

About ClinTex

ClinTex are a solution provider to the pharmaceutical industry, and the team behind CTi — Clinical Trials Intelligence: a new type of software platform aimed at transforming the medicine development industry through the application of predictive analytics, machine learning, and the novel use of blockchain technology and smart contracts in clinical trials.

Our mission is to bring down the cost of medicine and improve the speed to market of new medicines for the people who need them, through vastly reducing development costs for the global pharmaceutical industry.

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Clintex CTi

Clintex CTi

Clinical Trials Intelligence is a data management software solution for the clinical trials industry that leverages distributed ledger technology