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3 min readSep 18, 2020

You spoke, we listened…

With the success of our first CTi Token Presale (which is on the verge of selling out — thank you!) and due to a clear and vocal request from our community we have decided to split the remaining CTi token sale allocation into two parts. First of which will be a 2nd Pre-Sale allocation, with a shorter vest period.

Introducing the CTi Pre-Sale Tier 2

In this allocation, 26,666,667 CTi tokens from the main sale allocation will be available at USD 0.075c. This is higher than the Tier 1 Pre-Sale, but comes with a shorter lock-up period.

For token buyers in this round, half of their tokens will be unlocked immediately on conclusion of the main sale (no vest), and the other half will be locked for 2 months (60 days).

This allocation will be made available on Bounce.Finance, a decentralised auction place protocol where anybody can swap or buy any token using the Metamask Wallet browser extension.

The fixed price auction format will set the token price at USD 0.075c per CTi (with the ETH/BNB pegged price to be determined on the date that the allocation sale goes live). This price represents a 70% bonus on the main token sale price.

To take part, all you need is the Metamask wallet installed on your browser, and your Ethereum (ETH) or Binance Coin (BNB) to make your purchase.

You will receive your CTi tokens back into your wallet immediately after purchase.

For more information, please see the ClinTex CTi PreSale Tier 2 FAQ page here.

Main Sale Update

The third and final sale will be the main token sale round. This will be the last opportunity to purchase CTi tokens before trading goes live and will take place on a prominent high volume cryptocurrency exchange as planned.

In the interests of balance and fairness, the tokens in the main token sale (IEO) will now be priced at 0.12c per CTi (previously 0.10c per CTi).

This is in order to maintain the discount for the participants in Pre Sale Tier 1, while still offering an attractive discount incentive to participants in Tier 2.

No new CTi tokens have been created (nor can they ever be), and the hardcap of the raise remains the same ($7m USD).

The allocations of the CTi token Sale:

Pre-Sale Tier 1 (91% Sold Out):

CTi Token Price USD 0.05c .

Discount = 58.3%.

Lock-Up Period: 25% no lock-up, with a further 25% are released every 6 months.

Max Allocation Value: $1m.

Opening Date: 10th August 2020.

Pre-Sale Tier 2:

CTi Token Price USD 0.075c .

Discount = 37.5%.

Lock-Up Period: 50% no lock-up, with a further 50% are released after 2 months.

Max Allocation Value: $2m.

Opening Date: 21st September 2020.

Main Sale:

CTi Token Price USD 0.12c .

No Lock-Up Period.

Max Allocation Value: $4m.

Opening Date: TBC October 2020.

More detailed information on the main sale round will be made available closer to the time.

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