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4 min readApr 14, 2022

As you may well be aware, it’s been a while in the works, but we’re delighted to announce that we’re finally there, CTI2.0 is ready for action!

After many weeks and in the end, months of designing, building, testing and re-building, we are now confident that we have the contract we require for all ClinTex stakeholders, our community, future clients and partner exchanges. The time has come to upgrade our smart contract offering and we can’t wait to get started!

Our new contract will launch on May 10th 2022 — and with this, CTi will officially become a cross-chain token

As a CTI token holder, what do I need to do now?

The simplest, cheapest and easiest method to swap your tokens will be by depositing them on one of our partner exchanges who shall be supporting the upgrade, namely KuCoin or Gate.io
If you already hold your CTI tokens on either of these exchanges then you don’t need to do anything, on the upgrade day your tokens will automatically be converted to the new contract.

If you hold your tokens outside of the exchanges in self-custody, ClinTex will provide a swap portal on https://clintex.io which will facilitate the process quickly and easily using Metamask or any web3 wallet.

Note: While we have optimised the swap contract to use the minimal amount of gas possible, as the process is taking place on-chain there will be a gas fee as is standard on the Ethereum blockchain. This is by-passed if your tokens are on an exchange as the swap is facilitated by the exchange internally.

CEX and DEX Trading

For approximately 1–2 hours on the day of the upgrade, deposits, withdrawal and trading of CTI and CTI2.0 will be unavailable. After the process is complete you will be able to transact, buy, sell and move the tokens just as you did before and the markets on the exchanges will reflect the new token automatically. Down-time is expected to be minimal and as an end-user, you shouldn’t notice any change at all.

We are also working with our market makers to ensure the smooth transition on our DEX markets. We will remove liquidity from these pools around midnight on the 9th of May and by the afternoon of 10th of May, new pools and markets for CTI2.0 will be online and ready for trading.

BSC, Polygon and Solana Interoperability

Part of our vision for CTI2.0 from the beginning has been cross-chain interoperability and from the launch we will enable bridging to the BSC, Polygon and Solana networks in order to give our users more efficient options with which to trade and interact with the CTI token.

Official contract addresses for each network will be published on the day of launch, along with detailed instructions about how to convert your CTI2.0 over to those networks if you so wish.

This opens up the CTi token for trading on various new DEX’s which exist on non-ethereum blockchains, we will announce these new liquidity pools shortly after the upgrade.

The increased de-centralization of the upgraded CTi 2.0 contract also allows ClinTex to pursue new centralized exchange partners too. We’re naming no names for now but.. watch this space ; )

As always, we are available 24–7 on Telegram to answer any of your queries or questions so if you’re in doubt about what to do and need some help, don’t hesitate to drop us a line.

We urge all to take care when dealing with any token transfers and remember that we at ClinTex will never ask you to provide wallet information, to send us funds of any kind or contact you directly in an unsolicited fashion.

Always ensure you are speaking with an official member of the team when contacting us, this can be verified by a Telegram group admin or feel free to email us at info@clintex.io if in doubt.

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