CTI2.0 is LIVE!

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2 min readMay 10, 2022


The date has finally arrived!

We are delighted to announce that $CTI token has been officially upgraded to a sleeker, more efficient, more decentralized and cross-chain compatible iteration — $CTI2.0

The official new CTI2.0 Ethereum Contract ID is :

The official new CTI2.0 on Solana Contract ID is :

The official new CTI2.0 on Polygon Contract ID is :

The official new CTI2.0 on BSC Contract ID is :

Both of our partner exchanges, KuCoin and gate.io have successfully made the switchover. If you held CTI on either exchange, you are now already in possession of the new token and trading on either exchange continues as normal, no need to do anything.
It is VERY important that you do NOT send old CTI tokens to the exchange anymore as this may result in lost tokens!

If you hold CTI tokens in a self custodied Ethereum wallet, you must exchange them for CTI2.0 manually via our swap portal here : https://bit.ly/395cFio
Please note that the swap portal currently only supports MetaMask!

If you hold CTI tokens on Binance Smart Chain, please contact an admin in our Telegram channel as we will be manually dropping you CTI2.0 tokens over the coming days. We urge you not to send or move the tokens for the moment as we will be cross-verifying ownership from a snapshot of the network taken today and you will need to verify your wallet when contacting us.

Trading on Uniswap for CTI2.0 is now live (https://bit.ly/37zBzGC) and PancakeSwap will follow very soon. We will also over the coming weeks be enabling trading on other DEXs such as Serum on the Solana network. Stay tuned to our twitter for an official announcement.

You can swap between the different networks (Ethereum, Solana, Polygon/Matic & BSC) by using the Wormhole Bridge Portal here : https://www.portalbridge.com/

As always we are here to answer any questions you may have via the official telegram channel here, so if in doubt about any part of the process, don’t hesitate to get in touch : https://t.me/ClinTexCTi

We will NEVER DM you unless you message a member of the team first and we will NEVER ask you to send us tokens or funds. Please ALWAYS double and triple check in the public chat that whoever you might be speaking to is an official member of the team.

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