Introducing the CTi Bounce.Finance Pre-Sale

Due to the success of our first CTi Token Presale, and the clear and vocal request from our community, we previously announced that we will split the remaining CTi token sale allocation into two parts.

Introducing the CTi Pre-Sale Fixed Swap Auction

Bounce is a decentralised auction place protocol founded by Chandler Song, Co-founder and CEO of ANKR. On Bounce.Finance, anybody can swap or buy any token using the Metamask Wallet browser extension. To read more about Bounce.Finance, take a look at their Medium page here.

Official Link to the CTi Pre-Sale Tier 2 Fixed Price Auction

Please be aware of frauds, fakes and other misleading scams in the cryptocurrency and digital assets sphere. Only use the Bounce.Finance link that has been officially supplied by the ClinTex team on official channels.


Note: As Bounce.Finance auctions swap CTi with Ethereum, the price in USD will fluctuate with the price of ETH.

The Bounce Auction Pre-Sale Price is pegged at 1 ETH : 4,700 CTI.

When will I receive my tokens?


All vesting schedules can be verified on as they are locked by smart contract on the Ethereum public blockchain.

What do I need?

For a full guide on installing and using Metamask, please see this guide by Angela Wang at BoxMining or the FAQ at

Contract Verification and Audit

CTi Pre-Sale Tier 2 Contract Audi by Beosin, a global leader in blockchain security and smart contract auditing:

Again, please be aware of frauds, fakes and other misleading scams in the cryptocurrency and digital assets sphere and only interact with the above contract.

Where can I read more?

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