March 2022 Development Update

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5 min readApr 1, 2022

Hello to all out there in the ClinTex community and welcome to our latest update for March of 2022. Sadly it appears the strange times have seemingly continued into the new year and it is with a heavy heart that we are witnessing the developments unfolding in Ukraine. Our sincerest thoughts and prayers go out to all of those affected and we strongly wish for a swift resolution that will bring peace and an end to the current conflict.

Things here at ClinTex have been progressing full steam ahead, with CTi-PDA, the second in our suite of 7 analytics tools now having reached alpha stage. This month’s update will give you all an early sneak peak into how PDA works from a client point of view, progress reports on OpTex, CTi 2.0 and also some very exciting news regarding a partnership with a very promising project which we have been liaising with over the past few months, Plethori.
We are also running a small competition to help expand and grow the ClinTex community and you can be in with a chance to win some free CTI tokens if you take part!

Take a look towards the end of this update for more info on how to get involved!


The development team have done a great job in driving forward the delivery of this innovative app within the Clintex CTi suite of tools, with a number of iterations of early stage development now complete and rigorous testing underway. We are now working off version 52 of the CTi tool as our production copy.

CTi-PDA will allow the prediction of operational issues that can delay the speed and quality of a clinical trial. Also, pivotal clinical insights related to patient safety can also be predicted, such as Adverse Events, Serious Adverse Events and Protocol Deviations.

You can check out our videos below to find out more about this latest exciting addition to the CTi platform.


The following functional requirements have been now been developed :

  • DR14.1 — Probability of Data Quality Issues (Queries)
  • DR 14.2 — Probability of Late Data Entry
  • DR14.3 — Probability of Low Patient Recruitment


Our lead Optex developer Ian Harrigan is currently in the process of implementing an RBAC (Role Based Access Control) system to allow different users within the same organization to assume specific roles, responsibilities and permissions.

As well as RBAC, and the secure login system that utilizes it, various fixes and enhancements have been made to OpTex to make dashboard creation and management simpler for end users — assuming they have the required permissions.

OpTex was also successfully deployed as a test to a live instance of ICP, which can be viewed here :

CTI 2.0

As you will have surely noticed, the planned rollout of CTI2.0 has been pushed back as we were not entirely satisfied with the codebase for part of the new smart contract which we had entrusted to a third party developer. We opted to arrange an independent audit and discovered what could have led to a potential logic flaw, which left us with the decision to start again from scratch and build a more stable, secure and robust version of the contract from scratch. After considerable testing and another independent audit, we are now totally happy with the latest version and ready to arrange the rollout with our partner exchanges. Our own internal swap portal has also been built, tested and is functioning correctly. We are now in the final stages, unfortunately delayed but it is obviously better to be late and safe than rushed and sorry. More details and a full guide with instructions on how to complete the process depending on your current situation will follow very soon and we shall update the community via Telegram and Twitter to make sure everyone is up to speed on what they need to do.

ClinTex x Plethori Partnership

We are extremely proud to announce that ClinTex has recently penned a partnership with an incredibly innovative and exciting project, one which we have been following closely over the past few months and will surely have a very bright future ahead of it.

Plethori is “..a Crypto ETF creation and trading protocol that utilizes blockchain technology and decentralizes traditional ETF processes” and ClinTex will form part of one of the initial ETFs to feature on their ETFX exchange platform, inside the real-world use case ETF product.
This represents a fantastic bridge to enable wider awareness and adoption of the CTI token to the crypto community as a whole, and beyond.
ClinTex and Plethori will be conducting numerous joint marketing and publicity campaigns and activities over the coming months. ClinTex COO Andre Byrne recently met with Plethori CEO in Barcelona during the Avalanche summit and we’re greatly looking forward to building a strong relationship together.

ClinTex COO Andre Byrne & Plethori CEO Callum Clark

Upcoming Marketing plans and competitions!

To coincide with the launch of CTI2.0 and to celebrate our recent partnership agreement with Plethori and the completion of CTi-PDA, we will be undertaking a new wave of marketing activities. We are always working towards increasing our community following and invite our current user base to help us grow our telegram and twitter presence and what better way to achieve this than by hosting a competition where you can be in with the chance to receive some free $CTI tokens!

All you have to do to be in with a chance is keep an eye on our twitter account over the next few weeks, where we will announce, once a week, for the next month, a tweet outlining the competition details. All you have to do is ensure you’re a member of our telegram channel, a follower of our twitter account and then like and re-tweet to be in with a chance to win!

We will choose an account at random and announce the winner each week!

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