OpTex Dev Update — Feb 2022

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2 min readFeb 11, 2022


Greetings ClinTex community and welcome to another developmental update to get you all up to speed on how things have been progressing with OpTex.
Things have been racing ahead behind the scenes and we’re super excited to share the current status of the project with you.

Over the past few weeks our lead OpTex developer Ian Harrigan has been busy creating and testing the processes necessary to implement the OpTex canister onto the ICP mainnet in the most efficient manner possible, whilst also battle testing newer and more complex dashboard elements into the front end UI. There has been a complete overhaul of design elements such as bars, graphs and transforms and also the addition of a dark mode feature. We are using our previous work with our CTI-OEM platform designers as a template for how we envision OpTex to initially function, see the screenshots below for an idea of our design goals for the near future, both for OpTex and OEM/PDA.

OEM Dashboard prototype design — Protocol Deviations
OEM Dashboard prototype design — Enrollment map
OEM Dashboard prototype design — Adverse Events Frequency

Aside from an array of bug fixes and general improvements since the last update, the key areas which have seen significant changes, enhancements or entirely new implementations are as follows :

1. New and improved design elements and styles

2. Dashboards can now be grouped

3. New transforms which now run on the client

4. Transform browser (lets you run transforms against data to test results)

5. New graphs (horizontal bar chart, gauge chart)

6. New portlet types (field value, user input)

7. Better inter-portlet communication system

8. Client side data access layer (DAO) has been rewritten from the group up and is much more flexible now

You can observe some of these new changes in the following video :

Watch this space for more OpTex updates very soon…

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